Thermal Simulation

With the shortened development cycle of electronic products and the design of high-density distribution of components, the problem of heat dissipation is no longer as easy to solve as before. T-Global Technology has been deeply engaged in Taiwan for many years, and has top thermal simulation analysis software and a professional heat flow engineering team. From the thermal simulation analysis in the early stage of product development, the consultation of heat dissipation solutions, to the later trial production and mass production, T-Global Technology is your staunch and powerful alley.

●Cooperate with Flotrend corporation

Flotrend Corp. has more than 20 years of professional experience in industry. Our service scope spans the industries of production, government, and academics. We have become the largest agent of Siemens in Taiwan. Due to our continuous adherence to the best standards in products, technology, and services, provide the best integration of products, service specialization, consulting service, etc., therefore won the award of Smart Expert Partner issued by Siemens in 2020; same year became the Golden Partner of Siemens, and this year, we became the Platinum Partner of Siemens and became our cornerstone of success in the CAE market.
Over the years, in the process of serving customers, Flotrend knows that customers spend a lot of time in the initial concept of the product, that is, it needs analysis software to improve, after contacting and many customers using with, the products and services we provide, become the best word of mouth among the customers.