People have almost all applications and descriptions of virtual reality, data and visual integration for the life imagination of future generations. These augmented reality, virtual reality and other technologies will slowly penetrate into our daily lives and affect people Life habits. In recent years, the development trend of the reality industry is mainly toward more real-time simulation visual effects, more intuitive human-machine interface, and more enhanced five-sensory experience, so as to make the somatosensory experience more real, and virtual and reality will be more difficult to distinguish between true and false. In order to achieve a real experience, considerable artificial intelligence computing and game engine technology are needed behind it. Take the virtual character emerging this year as an example, how to calculate facial expressions and body movements in real time, match the light and shadow of the scene, materials, etc. The quality shows that the thermal problem that needs to be solved can be said to be a big problem.
T-Global Technology has been deeply involved in the field of heat dissipation for many years and has rich experience in anti-heat, which can create a better real experience for the AR/VR/SR/MR reality industry.



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T-Global has extensive experience in heat dissipation. We provide the most flexible and customized thermal engineering services for each project, allowing you to purchase a full range of thermal and heat dissipation materials here.


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