As a provider of thermal engineering solutions, T-Global understands that its activities, products and services may affect the whole environment. In order to mitigate the impact on the environment, the company
1. pledges to comply with environmental regulations and customer requirements for environmental management.
2. pledges to not use banned substances and to treat the ecological environment in a friendly manner.
3. pledges to continuously improve the performance of environmental management and pollution control
4. conserves resources and recycles waste
5. takes emergency response measures to ensure workplace safety.
T-Global's thermal interface materials all comply with green and environmental regulations such as RoHS and Reach.
In addition, we require our employees to be committed to energy saving and CO2 reduction when carrying out related business activities in their daily lives.
As T-Global pursues continual growth, it also aspires to be a global citizen dedicated to caring for the earth, and to do its part to help protect the planet.


Office environment greening

  • 植草磚透水
    Permeable grass brick
  • 辦公環境綠化
    Office environment greening
  • LED節能
    LED for Energy-saving
  • 有機菜園
    Organic farms