Over 15 years thermal engineering solution experience
Over 2500 worldwide enterprises’ designated supplier
Various kinds of thermal solution products


T-Global dedicated in power supply, medical/military, panel, vehicle parts and LED lighting industries for many years. The solid experience and professional thermal engineering team provide customers with total thermal solution service and high quality products which always speak highly from customers. From prototype creation stage to product design improvement after production, we offer customers thermal solution recommendation by thermal simulation. T-Global promises to help customer solve all kinds of thermal engineering problems in all stages.

  • 電源供應產業
  • 醫療/軍用產業
    Military Products/Medical Industry
  • 通訊產業
    5G Implementation
  • 面板產業
    Panel Industry
  • 汽配產業
    Power Supply
  • LED照明設備產業
What thermal materials and solutions can we provide?
With the mission of providing rapid and flexible service, T-global Technology devoted to tailor-made the best fit product for you. We aim to help customers finding the best heat dissipation solution by professional advice, with the combination of thermal interface material, heat sink, heat pipe, vapor chamber, thermoelectric cooling module, etc.
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We solve all your thermal engineering problems.
By reading our comics, beginners can have a deeper understanding on thermal engineering in relaxed way.