The medical industry presents many innovative perspectives on thermal management. The technology of medical devices continues to evolve, requiring smaller, faster, more accurate and more reliable performance. The energy consumption rate of different medical devices varies greatly; for example, surgical devices may only consume a few watts of energy, but the temperature limits for space and touching make it significantly more difficult to dissipate heat. Larger instruments may consume hundreds of watts of power, which can cause enormous problems in terms of temperature control of internal components and systems.
To break through in such a rapid technological innovation of thermal dissipation in the medical field, focusing on heat dissipation alone is not enough, but rather integrating R&D, materials and services to successfully solve critical thermal problems. T-Global is at the forefront of the market and technology, providing the most suitable thermal solutions through the integration of various universities, research centers and industries.

Ultrasound Devices, Wearable Sleep Monitoring Devices, Blood Testers

Medical Monitors

Abdominal ultrasound monitors, endoscope monitors, X-ray backlighting and other monitors require high brightness and high image resolution. Thermal tape can be used for non-silicon products with good thermal conductivity and high reliability.

Medical Equipment

High precision equipment and testing instruments require consistent performance and quality, and it is recommended that high thermal conductivity products are used to increase the performance and life of the equipment.

Recommended Products

T-Global has extensive thermal experience and offers the most flexible and bespoke thermal engineering services for each project, allowing you to purchase the full range of thermal materials here.


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