The medical industry has put forward many innovative topics for thermal management. Since the continuous research and development of medical equipment technology, smaller, faster, more accurate and more reliable performance is required. The energy consumption rate of different medical devices varies greatly.  For instance, surgical instruments may only consume a few watts of energy, but due to space and touch temperature limitations, the difficulty of heat dissipation is greatly increased. Large instruments may consume hundreads of watts of power, which affects internal components  and limitation of temperature control can cause a lot of troubles.
In order to breakthrough a technology innovation in such a rapid medical thermal dissipation, one way of thinking is not enough, it requires multiple integration of research and development, materials, and services to solve the heat dissipation smoothly. T-Global utilize academic units and research centers, and all-round industrial cooperation to continue to be at the forefront of the market and technology, to provide you with the most suitable thermal solution. 


Ultrasonic Instrument, Wearable Sleep Tracker, Blood Analyzer

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T-Global has extensive experience in heat dissipation. We provide the most flexible and customized thermal engineering services for each project, allowing you to purchase a full range of thermal and heat dissipation materials here.


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