Thermal Interface Material

Thermal Putty

Thermal Putty is a kind of thermal interface material with softness and hardness between thermal grease and thermal pad. It has higher reliability than thermal grease and provides lower thermal impedance than thermal pads. 
The semi-liquid physical properties make it possible to fill the gap between 1.5mm and 2.0mm through the amount of smearing and can use automated dispensing equipment for operations.
 There is no need to wait for the curing time like thermal potting compound to make this product more efficient workability. It has a high viscosity and will not sag when placed vertically, so there is no need to worry about overflow or pump out that is likely to occur with general thermal grease products. 
Compared with thermal pads, all you need is a syringe that can correspond to the thickness from t0.1mm to t1.5mm or even t2.0mm and various shapes and sizes. Therefore, from the perspective of materials and logistics, you do not have to create multiple material numbers or require multiple labels to carry out, at the incoming inspection. The issue of a receipt. It is quite suitable as a thermal engineering solution for automotive-related electronic products which require a large amount of automated production. And due to its properties being suitable for automated operations, it is often used in large-volume Netcom-related products as well.