Flexible Absorbent Material

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Flexible Absorbent Material

Flexible Absorbent Material

●Ultra-thin and easy to bend ●High surface resistance value ●Effectively prevent resonance and suppress coupling phenomenon

It can change the path of magnetic flux to avoid interference with other components and effectively suppress electromagnetic wave interference in bandwidths from 1MHz to 18GHz, and it is ultra-thin, easy to bend and can be cut for placement in different locations, and can be used with UL-rated non-conductive double-sided adhesives.

The current market demand also requires flexible electromagnetic wave absorbing materials that can be used in places where neither coated solutions nor structural composite solutions can be applied. In this sense, the electromagnetic wave absorbers portfolio includes customized flexible materials that are tuned to the frequency bands of interest to the customer.


   Ultra-thin and easy to bend, convenient for different positions

   There are soft rubber type absorbers and sintered ferrite sheets with high permeability. The electromagnetic wave absorbers are made of magnetic powder and rubber, so they are thin and can be cut into various sizes.

   Effective suppression of EMI electromagnetic interference

   When there is vertical incident energy onto the metal surface, the absorbing material can get the reflection loss. It can be applied to near-field communication technology and wireless chargers to achieve good results.


   The formulation reduces the eddy currents on the metal surface and creates a high surface impedance value.

   Supereme performance

   Effectively prevent resonance and suppress coupling phenomenon.