Thermoelectric Cooling Chip


Thermoelectric cooling chip

Thermoelectric cooling chip

 ●Small size and light weight ●Precise temperature control ●High reliability for extreme environments

Thermoelectric cooling chip provides active cooling, mainly using the Peltier effect of semiconductor materials. When the direct current passes through two different semiconductor materials in series to form a couple, the two ends of the couple can absorb heat and release heat respectively, which can precisely control the temperature and realize the purpose of cooling.

Product Application

In industrial and scientific applications, thermoelectric chips are widely used in medical, refrigeration, drinking fountains, military and petroleum instruments, and experimental scientific instruments which require repeated temperature changes in the thermal cycle. In the semiconductor industry, thermoelectric cooling has also been introduced in a large number for the manufacturing process temperature control of semiconductor wafers.
Due to the Peltier effect of semiconductor materials, when a pair of P and N type particles (as shown in the figure) are connected and energized with DC current, the temperature of the upper side will decrease to form the heat absorbing side; the temperature of the lower side will increase to form the exothermic side. When the temperature of the hot side reaches 50°C, the temperature difference can be more than 74°C. When the heat is continuously removed from the hot side, the heat will be continuously extracted from the cold side. The rate of extraction is related to the power of the cooling chip, generally the higher the power the higher the rate.


   Easy temperature control

   The cooling chip, also known as a semiconductor cooler, adopts negative thermal resistance cooling technology to maintain the temperature difference between the remaining two ends. The higher the power, the higher the rate.

   Small size, light weight

   It is light, short and simple to operate, and can be cooled or heated by inputting electric current. With simple operation and easy maintenance, there is no need to use refrigerant and no environmental hazard.

   No moving parts, low noise

   The input current can be cooled or heated, and can be used upside down or sideways without directional restrictions.

   High reliability

   Suitable for extreme environment, long life and almost no need for maintenance.