In the ever-changing Internet generation, technology has enabled the communication between cloud big data and objects. The Internet of Things and artificial intelligence have been closely connected to people’s lives through network communication. With the continuous innovation of intelligent computing, heat dissipation The issue has gradually become a thorny issue.
In the field of artificial intelligence, it is often necessary to use the most powerful processor to perform a series of calculations, from collecting cloud data, regular interpretation and data analysis, into predictive and indicative applications, and presenting them to people.
Since these high-speed operations consume very high power in a short period of time, how to continuously and rapidly transmit and keep informing for a long time, the mechanism design of heat flow really needs to plan a solution as soon as possible.
T-Global Technology provides the best heat dissipation solutions for the artificial intelligence industry. The applicable range includes voice recognition, virtual assistants, machine learning platforms, deep learning, smart home appliances, smart manufacturing, and its computing chips, cameras, sensors, etc. When the target temperature is reached, we can quickly find the most suitable heat dissipation method through our professional consultant team.


Video and voice recognition, smart manufacturing, smart home appliances

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T-Global has extensive experience in heat dissipation. We provide the most flexible and customized thermal engineering services for each project, allowing you to purchase a full range of thermal and heat dissipation materials here.


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