Thermal Interface Material

Thermal Conductivity(W/mk)
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage(KV)
Material Type

Thermal interface materials have been generally used in all heat dissipation modules to fill the gaps and uneven holes on the surface of the electronic materials, otherwise it will seriously hinder heat conduction. With the pursuit of high-power performance in electronic products, in addition to the pursuit of thermal conductivity of thermal interface materials, material reliability and the reduction of interface thermal resistance are more important issues.
The types of thermal interface materials include thermal pad, thermal tape, thermal grease, and thermal putty. In order to accelerate heat transfer by filling the gap between the chip heat source and the heat sink, the heat energy of the chip is effectively transferred to the heat sink fins, which also improves the life of the chip and the product usage efficiency.

●Diverse product selection
●High customization flexibility
●Effectively reduce thermal resistance