One of the biggest highlights of the technology industry in recent years is nothing more than the rapid commercial transformation of 5G. There are nearly 500 operators around the world who have stated that they are investing in 5G technology. In addition to advancing past high-speed mobile transmission applications, it has also accelerated its application in smart manufacturing, car networking, and Telemedicine, smart city, immersive interactive entertainment, large-scale Internet of Things, high-definition mobile streaming and other industries. In order to acheive 5G global service, telecom operators are intensively building infrastructure for 5G technology, and lots of manufacturers also actively deploying, such as cloud companies building computing and storage devices, AI companies' penetration of smart phones, home Internet access and Wi-Fi 6 standard home fixed wireless access (FWA), etc.
With the increasing frequency and speed of all Netcom application devices, heating power has become a major technical bottleneck. In order to optimize the transmission performance through the design and introduction of heat dissipation components, and meet high reliability, cost, etc., different requirements have become the key to existing heat dissipation projects. Looking ahead to the entire communications industry chain, we will join hands in a new era of Netcom in the next ten years.


Wireless Equipment, Webcam Video, Fiber-Optic Communication, Set-Top Box, Mobile Router, Home Router

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