The biggest highlight of the technology industry in recent years has been the rapid commercialization of 5G. Nearly 500 operators around the world have already stated that they are investing in 5G, not only to advance past high-speed mobile transmission applications, but also to accelerate applications in smart manufacturing, vehicle-to-everything, remote healthcare, smart cities, immersive interactive entertainment, large-scale Internet of Things and high-definition mobile streaming. To realize the huge 5G global services, telecoms operators are working intensively on 5G infrastructure, and various companies are also actively laying out their plans, such as cloud operators to build computing and storage devices, AI operators to penetrate smartphones, and fixed wireless access (FWA) for home access combined with Wi-Fi 6 standard.
As the frequency and speed of all network and communication applications are rising, heat generation power has become a major technical bottleneck. The design of heat dissipation components has become a key factor in heat dissipation engineering in order to optimize transmission performance and to meet different requirements such as high reliability and cost. Looking ahead to the entire communications supply chain, we are joining hands in the next decade to move towards a new era of network and communications.

Wireless Devices, IP Camera Recorders, Fiber Optic Communication, Set-top Boxes, Mobile/Home Routers

Mobile/Home Routers

Depending on the design of the mechanism, softer thermal pads can be selected to absorb the gap between the various heat sources in an area and transfer the heat to the heat sink or the product casing. The high-performance thermal interface material fills the gap between the heat source and the heat sink, allowing the heat generated by the system to be transferred quickly.

Set-top Boxes for Receiving Satellite and Digital Signals

For storage devices with recording capability, non-silicon low volatility products are more suitable.

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