Thermal Interface Material

Thermal Pad

Thermal Pad is a solid product in thermal interface material TIM (Thermal Interface Material). It is usually applied in sheet-like construction. Its main function is to fill the micro-voids and surface unevenness generated when two materials are joined or contacted. holes, reducing the resistance to heat transfer.
The thermal conductive silicone sheet is also known as the thermal pad, thermally conductive pad, soft thermally conductive pad, etc. Generally speaking, the thermal conductive silicone sheet is composed of silicone rubber combined with thermal powder to achieve Thermal Pad thermal conductivity, insulation, compressibility, etc. different characteristics.
Comprehensive consideration, the gap distance, tolerance, mechanism assembly, etc. between the heating element and the heat sink, as long as the Thermal Pad can effectively contact the surfaces of the two objects, the smaller the thickness, the larger the thermal conductivity, and the larger the contact area, all are It is the key to effectively improve heat transfer.
At present, it has been widely used in 5G communication, server, battery industry, artificial intelligence, electric vehicle industry, military, industrial computer, medical, 3C computer, green energy, and other industries.