As technology and processes advance and power components become more and more sophisticated, thermal conductivity in power components becomes critical to product size and stability. Military products often use the most innovative and leading-edge technologies, and the demand for thermal engineering solutions and thermal products is naturally constantly evolving. Military-grade products, in particular, have some of the most demanding thermal management requirements of any industry, including reliability, flame-resistance, dust-, vibration- and shock-proofing, and the range of military electronics covers drones and other robotic systems, radar, telecommunications, satellite communications and embedded computing for ground and space applications. 
T-Global's engineering team has extensive experience in thermal solutions to complex thermal design problems, and we provide the highest quality thermal products and services to our customers by adhering to the strictest and most meticulous craftsmanship from preliminary thermal simulation analysis and tailor-made prototypes to later-stage trial production and mass production.

Main Board, Industrial PC, Industrial Computer Peripherals, Military Aircraft

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T-Global has extensive thermal experience and offers the most flexible and bespoke thermal engineering services for each project, allowing you to purchase the full range of thermal materials here.

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