Thermal Interface Material

Potting Compound

Thermal Potting Compound is a kind of thermally conductive product, mainly to provide effective thermal management for heat-generating components, and combined with effective adhesive force to connect the components.

Thermal Potting Compound is formulated with epoxy resin and thermally conductive silicone medium and provides two functions: to achieve thermal management goals and eliminate mechanical fasteners with limited space. The curing phenomenon is produced by mixing the two materials according to a specific ratio. After being hardened, it can be used to support and protect the mechanical structure to prevent the structure from being affected by the external environment. It can be poured in a large amount by a dispenser like the thermal putty.

Thermal Potting Compound creates a firm bond between the component and the heat sink to reduce the need for screws and fasteners. Whether it is for the PCBA solder joints, liquid and laminate medium, the thermally conductive bonding achieves a reliable, long-lasting connection and effective Heat dissipation, relying on automatic application through dispensing or customized filling solutions, T-Global Technology's Thermal Potting Compound has extremely efficient in terms of cost and performance.