T-Global has its own complete manufacturing plant in Taiwan and the most comprehensive and advanced R&D headquarters. It conducts high-tech research and development in different fields and at different levels in line with technological evolution and innovation, market trends and customer needs, providing customers with thermal management solutions in the fields of information, communications, telecommunications, consumer electronics, lighting, medical electronics and energy. With years of experience in technology, T-Global also collaborates with major technology R&D centers and teaching institutes in Taiwan to develop new products at a faster pace.

As a pioneer in thermal engineering solutions, T-Global is dedicated to creating sustainable energy and products that have high price-performance ratio and seeks constant advancement and upgrades to spearhead the development of the industry. T-Global's experienced development and design team is capable of delivering highly customized designs for the individual needs of customers in different fields. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to assist developers in testing and validating our designs, maintaining the highest standards of testing instruments and keeping up to date with updates worldwide. The development and evaluation processes are carried out in a rigorous and meticulous manner to ensure that our products are consistently reliable and live up to the expectations of our customers. Finally, we earn their trust and support over time. T-Global's own factories are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and our products conform to UL, RoHS and REACH regulations, providing greater assurance and excellence in the thermal engineering field.

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