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The 4G network has only been launched for nine years, and the world is ushering in the era of 5G technology.
Compared with 4G, 5G has ten times higher communication technology and ultra-low transmission delay. In order to realize huge 5G services, it is essential to the technological evolution of basic 4G construction. It requires consistent and reliable performance, and uses different deployment plans and Optical fiber transmission technology meets the capacity of 5G and improves latency.
The Wi-Fi 6 technology, launched at the same time as 5G technology, covers high and low speed devices in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands, and the transmission volume is four times that of 5G. In the future, 5G networks combined with Wi-Fi 6 will provide more Good network coverage.
In addition to 5G’s higher-speed and large-capacity transmission, the heat dissipation issues behind it are even more serious. Small base stations, edge computing devices, artificial intelligence computing, etc., all need to solve the heat of high wattage to support 5G service mobile phones, Consumer electronic devices such as the Internet of Things,
At the same time, a considerable load is required to prevent overheating of the components and the system from reducing efficiency or directly heating up.
With years of thermal engineering experience and research in collaboration with academics, T-Global Technology not only solves your current heat dissipation challenges, but also can work with you to create a promising 5G application industry.


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