Heat Sinks


Heat Sinks

●Good thermal dissipation ability●Customized design●Easy to assemble

Metal heat sink is a metal part (mostly made from aluminum or copper) with good thermal conductivity, light weight and easy to be processed. It can be applied to the surface of a heating element. It is currently one of the most popular cooling products for electronic module cooling solutions. How to improve the heat transfer rate and heat dissipation area of heat sinks to enhance the overall heat dissipation efficiency of the mechanism is an issue faced by the related industries. Heat sinks are manufactured by stamping, extrusion, die-casting, and forging. These finished products can be used as the main components of heat dissipation and mechanism parts, and some of them are  both the mechanism shell and heat dissipation component.


Product Applications

Metal heat sinks are the most widely used heat sink products today, ranging from small stamped aluminum heat sinks for cooling semiconductors on circuit boards to very large heat sink types and unique geometries, mostly made of aluminum or copper.
In addition to standard heat sink options, T-Global offers custom cut, extruded, high heat transfer heat sinks and heat sinks for specific industries. The advanced manufacturing process allows for the production of superior heat sinks to meet demanding application requirements.

Many of the heat sinks we offer are equipped with a fastener method that eliminates the need for screws and holes for installation. The goal of this innovative fastener system is to provide the user with a simpler and more streamlined assembly process. Our heat sinks include aluminum alloy 6063-T5 or equivalent materials and are ROHS compliant.
With our expertise in various thermal management technologies, we are able to design and manufacture heat sinks with other air-cooled or liquid solutions to specialize in producing customized and more complete thermal management solutions.


Heat Dissipation
Heat Conduction
Electric Conduction
Heat Sink XL-25 Ceramic Heat Spreader XL-25 Series Ceramic Heat Spreader
Improve thermal conductivity and heat dissipation area Open-porous structure increases air contact area

High reliability


 Efficiency improvement for module

 The metal or ceramic material of the heat sink and the improvement of fin numbers and sizes have significant effects on the heat dissipation efficiency. The heat transfer coefficient of aluminum block is as high as 200W/mk, which is the most effective mechanism to solve the heat dissipation problem.

 Good choice for heat dissipation

 We can customize the size, shape, and finishing process to meet your needs for specific mechanisms. Compared to 10W fan mechanism design, using heat sink and thermal paste can solve the heat dissipation problem, which is cheap and effective.

 High degree of customization

 T-Global provides lateral integration service and 1+1 service according to requirements. When you purchase heat sinks and thermal tapes, T-Global provides lamination service and full inspection before shipment to ensure 99% yield. Customers do not need to re-process the products before put the in production lines.

 Available in small quantities

 T-Global will give you full support, so you don't have to worry about MOQ.