The robotics industry has been in production for a long time, and it has only taken the key first step in its development from the beginning of automated manufacturing. Robots are usually application-oriented as the category, while industrial robots and service-oriented robots are the bulk, such as industrial robots. Programming and automatic control make it possible to complete specific tasks in the manufacturing process, and use multi-functional, multi-degree-of-freedom automatic mechanical equipment to achieve a flexible production line system.
In recent years, the continuous improvement of the technology of communication software and hardware, the reduction of computing speed and cost have contributed to the popularization of robots. However, as the specifications of robots from all walks of life continue to increase, traditional heat dissipation methods are no longer sufficient.
Many precision sensors, control motors, and battery storage need to be handled more safely and efficiently in order to make more breakthroughs in the robotics industry.
Through a full range of thermal engineering services and integrated heat dissipation material network, T-Global Technology is ready to join hands with you to enter a new era in the field of robotics.


New-generation robots, super capacitor modules, companion robots, intelligent robots

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