The automotive industry is very technology- and capital-intensive, with a large industrial chain. From traditional cars, SUVs, and multi-function RVs to the smart electric vehicle industry that is the most important to the world.
The development of electric vehicles has become a hot topic that everyone pays attention to. Especially the growth in the electric vehicle market already impacting traditional cars. Right now, lots of vehicle manufacturers are starting to invest in related technologies and aiming to muscle into the electric vehicle market. From AI, communication entertainment, cell battery, etc., electric manufacturing is bringing more new breakthrough technologies to consumers. 
Meanwhile, in addition to facing increasing fuel and environment issues, automotive manufacturers need to re-design new eletrcic vehicle systems, which is a difficult challenge.  In particular, battery management system, intelligent driving assistance system and charging piles need comprehensive thermal solutions. Tesla is the leading player in the electric vehicle market, and everyone is developing new technologies to become the next bellwether for the EV market.
T-Global helps you by opening up more possibilities for autonomous cars, including self-driving systems, safety assistance systems, transparent display components, internet of vehicle, etc. We believe that we can work with you to build a "Third Living Space" for electric vehicles in the future. 


Mortor Control System, Battery Management System(BMS), Charging Piles, Lithium Battery Protection Board, GPU, Vehicle Driving Control System, Driving Assistance System

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