Thermal Simulation

With the shortened development cycle of electronic products and high-density component design, the problem of heat dissipation is no longer as easy to solve as before. T-Global Technology has been working in Taiwan for many years and has the best thermal simulation software and a team of professional thermal engineers. From thermal simulation analysis and thermal solution consultation in the early stage of product development to trial production and mass production, T-Global Technology is your strongest support.






Draw up

a plan













T-Global provides a complete thermal solution service, from the early stage of product development, we can assist you in thermal design immediately. T-Global uses the industry-leading FloTHERM XT heat flow simulation software, FloTHERM and FloEFD unique grid technology for thermal management simulation planning in all product development. FloTHERM XT makes it easy to analyze the design of any complex institutional environment. Professional thermal engineers are available to provide thermal solutions and to define thermal component specifications.


Reduce R&D costs

While prototypes are reworked and changed again and again, thermal simulation analysis can effectively simulate the actual operation of a product's field temperature, helping you to take less of a wrong turn in the path of thermal solution.


Save development time

The system is designed for electronic products, with powerful file support and excellent calculation accuracy and speed, allowing you to retain more model details and present high quality heat flow analysis reports.

Q:Is there really no solution to the problem of institutional heat dissipation with limited R&D budget?

A:T-Global Technology saves your R&D equipment costs! T-Global uses the industry-leading FloTHERM XT heat flow simulation software, which supports relay files for all computer graphics software and does not let go of model details for complex designs in order to efficiently solve heat dissipation. 

Q:Product development project is about to be tested, but the heat problem is annoying. Is there a faster way to solve the problem?

A:T-Global understands what you are looking for, so leave the thermal issues to us! T-Global is committed to providing customer thermal simulation reports within 7 days.

Q:Is the thermal simulation service very expensive for a low to medium priced product?

A:We are proud of our flexibility, our professional consultants and our R&D team to plan the best system for you within your budget, and the design you provide will be subject to a mutual confidentiality agreement.