The current arrangement of the display panel industry is dominated by four major trends: large size, 8K, OLED and flexible displays. The large-sized panel market has already become a red ocean. Compared to LCD panels and LED backlight modules, OLED has gained significant momentum in the mobile phone industry due to its advantages in terms of image quality, thinness and high screen-to-body ratio.
In the gaming industry, micro-LEDs, with their ns-level response time, high luminous efficiency and low power consumption, are the key to seizing the millisecond opportunity in the gaming business. Taiwan will also be led by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to build and integrate Taiwan's micro-LED supply chain, not only to stand out in the gaming sector, but also to capture a blue ocean in emerging fields such as automotive applications.


Applications:Monitors, LED Panels, Smart Sensor LEDs, Projection Equipment, LED Lighting, T-CON Boards, COFIC

LED Backlight Modules

Thermal pads and thermal tape of varying hardness help to conduct heat to the metal heat sink, with the purpose of protecting the LED chips from short circuits or light-induced degradation caused by high temperatures, which may affect product lifetimes.
LEDs have been developed as a lighting energy source because of their high efficiency and significant energy saving potential. As the total beam from a single LED is much lower than that of other lighting sources, it is necessary to increase the forward current and the number of LEDs to boost the total light output. However, both options increase the junction temperature and reduce the performance of the LED. As the operating temperature rises, the light intensity decreases, the life span falls and the color of the light changes.    

Key Considerations for LED Thermal Management

- Ambient air temperature
- Thermal path between the LED and the heat sink
- LED performance    

Thin Products with Flexible Displays

In a case where conventional heat sinks or copper and aluminum heat sinks can no longer be reduced in thickness, the T68 artificial graphite sheet could replace conventional heat sinks by offering a thin and lightweight solution with the thickness of 0.025mm. It is advantageous because it has the features of ultra-high level thermal conductivity at an even temperature and soft flexibility and can be used in a wider range of applications and conditions.

T-CON Boards and COF Ics

They are the critical components of the LCD display for video signals. Commonly found in LCD TVs, such as blurred screens, flipped images and white images are caused by the failure of the T-CON board circuitry. As a result, heat dissipation from the four main circuit boards of the LCD display becomes a major concern. Thermal pads are usually used to transfer the heat source to the metal mechanical parts.

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