At present, the layout of the display panel industry of various factories is based on the four major trends of large-size, 8K, OLED, and flexible screens. The large-size panel industry has become a red sea. Compared with the past LCD panels and LED backlight modules, OLED has become an important development direction of the mobile phone industry by virtue of its advantages in image quality, lightness and thinness, and high screen-to-body ratio.
In the e-sports industry, micro-LEDs rely on ns-level response time, high luminous efficiency, and low energy consumption characteristics to seize millisecond business opportunities in the e-sports industry. Taiwan will also be led by the Industrial Technology Research Institute to construct, Integrating Taiwan's micro-LED industry chain will not only stand out in the e-sports industry, but also grab a blue ocean in emerging fields such as automotive applications.


Monitor, LED panel, Smart sensor LED, Projection equipment, LED lighting, T-CON board, COFIC

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