Thermal Interface Material

Thermal Grease

Thermal grease is widely used in various electronic products. It is used to fill the unevenness between the heat source and the surfaces of the radiator. A bond line as thin as 0.1mm is possible, its thickness is only 0.1mm. The thermal resistance is very low and would not be causing the overflow. It has good electrical insulation and is a kind of high thermal conductivity and insulating silicone material. Under T-Global Technology's continuing research and development, we can provide a variety of thermal pastes with different characteristics currently, which are beneficial to the selection of different application industries. Such as Electric vehicles, 5G and related industries, Servers, Artificial Intelligence, Netcom, E-sports, and Medical. All the heat dissipation starts with heat conduction. With more than 20 years of experience and effort, T-Global Technology is able to help our customers succeed and provide the best solutions for heat dissipation.