T-Global Technology has the complete production factory and research department in Taiwan. We keep on doing various innovations in order to meet the rapid change of marketing demands and customer demands. We offer the total thermal solution for the customer in information, communication, electronic, optronics , automotive, lighting and medical device industries.


Being the thermal solution engineering leading company in Taiwan, T-Global aimed at producing the environmental friendly and competitive price products. Not only has the well experienced innovation and design team, T-Global also can provide customized design service to different industries’ customers.


  • 冷熱衝擊試驗機
    Natural convection constant temperature and humidity cabinet
  • 初期黏性測試
    Initial Stage Viscous Testing Machine
  • 保持力測試機
    Retentivity Testing Machine
  • 硬度量測計
    Hardness Tester
  • 導熱熱阻分析儀
    Thermal Conductivity & Resistance Analyzer
  • 黏度計
    constant temperature and humidity cabinet
  • RoHS有害物質分析儀
    High and constant temperature temperature tester
  • 高柏科技 RoHS 認證
    Electrical Safety Analyzer


  • 高柏科技 RoHS 認證
    T-Global RoHS Certification
  • 高柏科技 IECQ 認證
    T-Global IECQ Certification
  • 高柏科技 ISO 14001:2004 認證
    T-Global ISO 14001:2004 Certification
  • 高柏科技 REACH 認證
    T-Global REACH Certification
  • 高柏科技 UL 認證
    T-Global UL Certification
  • B型企業
    B Corporations
Thermal engineering solution FAQ

We listed the FAQ of thermal engineering solution from our customers and provided detail answers one by one. We hope our customers can acquire the most satisfied thermal solution by using our solid experience and technical skills.