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Thermal grease and thermal pad are auxiliary CPU cooling, as far as possible to achieve the maximum cooling efficiency CPU fan. What is the difference between the two?

Thermal pad  is generally used in some inconvenient to apply the thermal paste place, such as the host version of the power supply part of the current version of the power supply part of the heat are relatively large, but the mos tube part is not flat, So you can paste the thermal pad. In addition, the graphics card under the heat sink, the need for multiple parts of the card with the different parts of the contact, thermal paste is also more inconvenient to use, can be replaced by thermal pad.

In addition to some of the above reasons, the following lists the difference between the CPU thermal paste and thermal pad:

Thermal effect: When thermal conductivity of the same, the thermal conductivity of the thermal grease is better than the thermal pad. Because the thermal insulation is smaller, if you want to achieve the same thermal effect, thermal conductivity of the thermal pad must be higher than the thermal paste.

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