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T-Global 2021 Warm Breeze - Dandelion Soaring Project (Subsidy for Thermal Engineering Research Projects of Tertiary Institutions)

1. Purpose:

With the rapid development of science and technology, with the improvement of product functions and the refinement of the body, product antipyretic has become an indispensable factor for customers to consider. T-Global Technology has been established for 13 years, and it is still in the field of thermal conductivity. It is learning and growing with an open mind, pursuing breakthroughs, and is committed to the production and research, and development of thermal interface materials.

This project is based on the core concept of deep cultivation of the campus and the integration of production and education, in order to provide fertile ground for growth, encourage students to have the courage to try innovative research and promote the development of future technologies and related industries. Therefore, this project was established to support.

2. Organizer: T-Global Goldberg Technology

3. Funding Eligibility:

The Ministry of Education approves the students in the mechanical, electrical, electronic, telecommunication, optoelectronic, and materials-related colleges and universities

4. Application period: 2021 full year

5. Project purpose:

Encourage students to innovate the spirit of research and promote the integration of industry and academia. For experiments, research, and papers related to thermal issues, we will provide thermal interface materials or research funding to provide assistance to facilitate the successful completion of the research.

6. How to apply:

1. Thermal Material Requirements:
For the experiment requirements of the relevant institute, and the receiving address is the office of the department of the college or university, please refer to its official website of T-Global and fill in the required items in the application form (Appendix 1), and send it to the contact mailbox, T-Global will Review and inform the review results within one week. http://www.tglobalcorp.com

2. Application for project funding:
For research topics related to heart issues, please fill in the application form (Appendix 2) and attach a research plan. T-Global will announce the review results within one month of the application date. If technical support related to antipyretic is required during the process, T-Global will also be willing to provide corresponding assistance. After the research is completed, the applicant must share the results of his research and provide a receipt to prove it (Annex 3).

Contact time: Monday~Friday 9:30~12:00, 13:00~17:00

Contact: Marketing Planning Team Ms. Lai (03)361-8899#209 Kasey-Lai@tglobal.com.tw

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