TG-P10050 Graphene

TG-P10050 Graphene

●Ultra thin; Low mass

●Available for unventilated design

●No dusting issue

TG-P100 is graphene, the horizontal (XY axis) thermal conductivity coefficient of graphene temperature equalizer is as high as 1500~1800 W/MK, and the vertical conductivity (Z-axis) also has a thermal conductivity coefficient of 12 W/mk. It is used to coat a thin layer of graphene on copper foil. The thickness is thin, the total thickness of TG-P10050 is only 50um. Graphene has good horizontal conductivity, will not have the problem of peeling and powder falling, and can quickly diffuse the heat source outwards to achieve excellent heat dissipation effects. It also has flexibility and bendability.


Suitable for small size products such as mobile phones, wearable devices, 3C electronic supplies, displays, etc. 

Electronic components: Electric Vehicles, 5G, Autopilot System, Mobile Phone, AIOT, HPC (High Performance Computing),Server, IC, CPU, MOS, LED back light, Mother Board, Power Supply,Heat Sink, LCD-TV, Notebook, PC, Telecom Device, Wireless Hub, DDR ll Module, NIC, screens, etc.

In recent years, all electronic products have begun to develop in the direction of lightness and convenience, but at the same time, in order to maintain the high heat generated by high-efficiency and high-power chips, the high heat generated by the chip is also limited. The heat source expands outwards, and the thin and small volume will not bring too much load to the product. If the product structure needs to be bent, the possible characteristics of the graphene temperature sheet can also meet its needs. It can be applied to mobile phones, tablets, computers, and TVs, Wearable devices such as VR, smartwatches, and other electronic products.

Property table

Properties TG-P10050 TG-P10090 Unit Test Method
Thermal Conductivity (XY axis)


W / mK

AC calorimeter

Thermal Conductivity (Z axis) 12 W / mK Laser flash
Total Thickness 50 90


Copper Foil Thickness 35 75


Coatung Thickness



μm Meter
Vertical Resistivity (XY axis)


Ohm-Inch2 QJ1523-1988
Parallel Resistivity (Z axis)


Ohm-Inch2 QJ1523-1988
Cross-Cut Tape Test


Pencil Hardness Test


ASTM D3363
Solvent Resistance (Alcohol)

Pass(5 times)

ASTM D5402
Rubber Abrasive Test 

Pass(150 times)

ASTM D7835
High Temperature & Humidity Test @85° C/85%RH

Pass(500 hrs)

Thermal Shock Test @-20~+80° C

Pass(500 cycles)

Temperature Range of Utility


°C ISO 16750-4

●Compliance with RoHS

●Need samples?

●Pre-cut for different shapes

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Related materials Recommended

T68 Artificial Graphite Sheet

●Ultra high thermal conductivity,electrical conductivity and EMI shielding effect

●Flexible, and bendable

●Ultra thin; Low mass; Environmental

●Low thermal resistance

T68 Artificial Ultra Thermal Conductive Graphite Sheet is highly oriented pyrolytic graphite sheet with high thermal conductivity. A heat source can reduce temperature by spreading heat over the T68. It is flexible and has features of ultra-thin and high EMI shielding effect. 

T68 is a natural graphite sheet and the thickness of the artificial graphite sheet made by high-temperature hot pressing can be slightly thicker than other graphite sheets. The XY-axis thermal conductivity is as high as 1500W/MK. The rapid heat transfer characteristics of the plane can make the heat source expand rapidly to achieve the heat dissipation effect.

T62 Natural Graphite Sheet

●Ultra high thermal conductivity

●Easy to assemble

●Low mass decreases space

●EMI reduction 

T62 is a natural graphite sheet that has a thermal conductivity of up to 400W/MK, which has ultra-high thermal conductivity / easy construction/light and thin/reduced electromagnetic interference characteristics. It has an excellent thermal diffusion coefficient, up to 2 cm2/s or more, which is twice that of copper. Lightweight, about one-fifth of copper. It has a cost advantage, which is one-third of the artificial graphite sheet. Through simple processing and attaching double-sided tape and insulating materials, it can be cut into different shapes and mass production. It has a carbon content of more than 97wt% and complies with various EU environmental protection directives.

TG-P10090 Graphene

●Ultra thin; Low mass

●Available for unventilated design

●No dusting issue

TG-P1000 is Graphene and it’s the thinnest and hardest nanomaterial known in the world. It is lower than copper or silver and has the smallest resistivity in the world. Because of its extremely low resistivity and extremely fast electron migration, it is expected to be used to develop a new generation of thinner and faster conductive electronic components or transistors. Since graphene is essentially a transparent and good conductor, it is also suitable for manufacturing transparent touch screens, light panels, and even solar cells.