TG-AS808 / TG-S808 Thermal Grease
TG-AS808 / TG-S808 Thermal Grease

TG-AS808 / TG-S808 Thermal Grease

  • ●High thermal conductivity

  • ●Good leveling & no overflow

  • ●Effectively fill up uneven surfaces

  • ●Low thermal resistance/low thermal resistance

  • ●Organic silicon base material has no environmental pollution

TG-AS808 is a thermal paste with 8 W/m•K thermal conductivity it has accumulated years of experience in the research and development of materials for T-Global. In the year 2019, it has launched as a conductive paste, which is also the highest coefficient of thermally conductive paste in the industry. It has good leveling and can effectively fill the unevenness of the metal contact surface. Improve thermal efficiency. Usually used for high-wattage wafers. 


Electronic components: Electric Vehicles, 5G, Autopilot System, Mobile Phone, AIOT, HPC (High Performance Computing),Server, IC, CPU, MOS, LED, Mother Board,Power Supply,Heat Sink,LCD-TV,Notebook,PC,Telecom Device,Wireless Hub,DDR ll Module, etc.

TG-AS808 thermal conductive paste has a good thermal cycle function and is easy to clean, store and use, and has high stability under high temperature and high humidity.
Under the condition of filling the mechanism space less than 0.1 mm in height, TG-AS808 thermal paste can be reused and applied to the required component interface in an appropriate amount. It has been widely used in the design of microprocessor modules for many years.
TG-AS808 thermal paste is suitable for use in electric locomotives, 5G servers, automated driving systems, mobile phones, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, high-performance computing systems, servers, ICs, CPUs, MOS, LEDs, motherboards, power supplies, Heat sink, LCD-TV, notebook computer, PC, wireless telephone system, router, DDR ll Module, Netcom equipment, communication equipment, etc. 



Find a high-purity
solvent and cloth.
Wipe the surface of
the CPU and the
entire heat sink
Use the center-point
application method
spread the thermal
paste evenly
Put the cover back
on the heat sink


T-Global Thermal Paste
*Non-Silicone -

TG-N909 is suitable for optical instruments
and silicon-sensitive equipment

TG-S808 is widely used in the design
of microprocessor modules

Thermal Conductivity:9 W/m•K Thermal Conductivity:8 W/m•K
Density:2.85 g/cm3 Density:2.9 g/cm3
Working Temperature:-40~+200 °C Working Temperature:-40~+200 °C
Volume Resistance:>1013 Ohm-m Volume Resistance:>1013 Ohm-m

Property table

Properties Unit TG-AS808 / TG-S808 Tolerance Test Method
Thermal Conductivity




ASTM D5470 Modified



Oil Dispersible




Weight Loss



ASTM E595 Modified











Operating Temperature



Volume Resistivity

Ohm- m



Standard Package


●Compliance with RoHS

●Thermal paste has a shelf-life of 12 months fr om the date of manufacture, as indicated by the lot number, when stored in the original, unopened
container at, or below 25°C.

●If an oil layer occurs on top of the thermal paste, it belongs to a normal phenomenon. We suggest to stir it evenly before usage.
Please avoid any dust or impurity adhering to the thermal paste. This will increase the thermal resistance and reduce the effectiveness of heat
Condition of storage once opened: Constant temperature or cold storage, temperature between +5℃~+15℃. Please consume it within six months.

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TG-AS606B / S606B Thermal Grease

●Good thermal conductivity

●Easy to assemble

●High stability 

S606B is a thermal paste with 1.9W/m•K thermal conductivity. The fluidity of this product is quite good. It can also fill up the very low thermal resistance of the contact interface itself segregated. Since this is a cost-competitive thermally conductive material, if such high thermal conductivity is not required and there is only a low budget for cost considerations, this type of product is highly recommended.

TG-N909 Non-Silicone Thermal Grease
  • ●High thermal conductivity

  • ●Silicone oil free

  • ●No overflow

  • ●Low thermal impedance/thermal resistance

  • ●Non-silicone base, no Environmental pollution

TG-N909 is a non-silicon thermal conductive paste launched by T-Global in 2019. It is with 9W/m•K thermal conductivity also it’s high-performance thermal conductive material without siloxane. There will be no evaporation of silicone resin and no precipitation of silicone oil. The low thermal resistance of non-silicon thermal paste can absorb high-wattage chip heat, thereby improving the efficiency and service life of heating electronic components.

TG-AS606C / S606C Thermal Grease
  • ●Good thermal conductivity

  • ●Easy to assemble

  • ●High stability 

S606C is a thermal paste with 5.3W/m•K thermal conductivity this paste also known as the thermal paste is mainly used to assist heat sinks, commonly used computer IC wafers to dissipate heat, etc., because it can be used to apply only a thin layer, it can reach 1mm in the thinnest case, the maximum extent Reduce the thickness of the thermal interface material, so the thermal resistance can be minimized.