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University Student Dandelion Project((Taiwan Tech Racing Team))


University Student Dandelion Project(Taiwan Tech Racing Team)

Taiwan Tech Racing Team Achieves Impressive Results in Australia Expedition, winning the Best Contribution Award on their debut return to Taiwan. Among the battery modules, the TIM material was sponsored by T-Global Technology, utilizing the highest thermal conductivity TG-A1780 thermal pad, in active support of young students' pursuit of excellence and passion.
The FSAE (Formula Society of Automotive Engineers) Formula Championship held in Melbourne, Australia, is the largest formula championship in the Southern Hemisphere, with over 36 teams registered. This was Taiwan Tech Racing Team's first international competition. In addition to passing all dynamic inspections and qualifying for the endurance race, with the spirit of never giving up, they were honored with the Harry Watson Best Contribution Award, being the only Asian team to receive an award in this competition.
T-Global Technology, with 21 years of profound industry experience and a commitment to technological innovation, strongly supports the dreams of the younger generation. In 2016, we established the Dandelion Project (subsidies for thermal engineering research projects in colleges and universities), providing product sponsorship or professional assistance to graduate students in research for 8 consecutive years, earning a reputation among students in various colleges and universities. Each year, we receive numerous applications and invitations. Last year, through a fortuitous encounter, we collaborated with Taiwan Tech Racing Team, generously sponsored by T-Global Technology, choosing the highest thermal conductivity TG-A1780 thermal pad to assist in enhancing the competitiveness of the racing team's performance, jointly exploring applications in the field of racing.
We welcome applications from students enrolled in departments of mechanical, electrical, electronic, communication, optoelectronics, and materials-related disciplines approved by the Ministry of Education.  APPLY