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Important trends in 5G heat dissipation

Due to the advent of the age of 5G communication, higher-tech heat dissipation needs are driven. For 5G mobile phones to become popular, the heat dissipation problem has to be solved, and not only mobile phones will use heat dissipation, but also many electronic products in the future.

The technology of "heat dissipation" suddenly became a masterpiece!


When it comes to the future business opportunities of the heat dissipation group, it can be said that there are quite a few, because the future electronic products will become more sophisticated, more efficient, and smaller in size, so the market size for dealing with heat dissipation problems will increase.

For example, smart phones, NBs, graphics cards, Netcom equipment, Base stations, Data centers, High-speed computing computers, and even the future automotive electronics and AI industries have huge heat dissipation requirements.

Technology products will have a huge demand for heat dissipation modules.

The recent market includes the mid-level graphics card RTX system, which has begun to increase after its launch, which has also driven the demand for heat dissipation of graphics cards. It is under these short, medium and long-term business opportunities and themes that are so popular that the heat dissipation group will be so enthusiastic!

We often say "Thermal module". Among them, there are several important components, such as "heat dissipation base plate, heat sink, heat pipe, fan"... etc., which can be customized according to customer requirements.


In other words, the big manufacturers of the heat dissipation group have the ability to make an overall heat dissipation module after possessing a number of manufacturing technologies for heat dissipation components. Among them, the heat dissipation base plate is the most basic component, which will be combined with other components to form a thermal module. The heat dissipation fan is relatively large, and is usually used in desktop computers, NBs and servers, etc.; smaller heat pipes (Or called heat pipe) can be used in NB and smart phones.

In addition, there is also a one-dimensional linear pipe type into a two-dimensional heat sink (or heat spreader), which can be used to improve heat dissipation efficiency.


Major mobile phone manufacturers are already preparing to introduce this product.



Professor Wei-Keng Lin

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