隱私權政策 Privacy Policy


Very welcome to visit "T-Global Technology" (hereinafter referred to as this website). In order to allow you to use the services and information of this website with peace of mind, we hereby explain to you the privacy protection policy of this website to protect your rights, please read the following regulations carefully:

Part One. Privacy Policy

1. Applicability of this Privacy Policy


The contents of this Policy applies to how this Site uses the personal information it collects as you use its services. This Policy does not apply to websites outside of this domain to which the Site may link, nor does it apply to personnel not acting on behalf of or administering the Site.

2. Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Information

  • 當您造訪本網站或使用本網站所提供之功能服務時,我們將視該服務功能性質,請您提供必要的個人資料,並在該特定目的範圍內處理及利用您的個人資料;非經您書面同意,本網站不會將個人資料用於其他用途。
    When you use the services provided by the Site, or participate in events and activities associated with it, we may request personal information needed for the service, activity, or event. The Site will not use your information in any other way without your written permission.
  • 本網站在您使用服務信箱、問卷調查等互動性功能時,會保留您所提供的姓名、電子郵件地址、聯絡方式及使用時間等。
    When you use the Contact Us form, respond to surveys or other interactive services, the Site will record and save your name, your e-mail address, your contact information, and the time you accessed the service.
  • 於一般瀏覽時,伺服器會自行記錄相關行徑,包括您使用連線設備的IP位址、使用時間、使用的瀏覽器、瀏覽及點選資料記錄等,做為我們增進網站服務的參考依據,此記錄為內部應用,絕不對外公佈。
    When you browse the Site, the server will automatically record your browsing information, including your IP address, session time, browser used, visited pages, and clicked links. This information will be saved to help us improve the Site.
  • 為提供精確的服務,我們會將收集的問卷調查內容進行統計與分析,分析結果之統計數據或說明文字呈現,除供內部研究外,我們可視需要公佈統計數據及說明文字,但不涉及特定個人之資料。
    To provide better-targeted services, we will collect and analyze the results of the surveys we conduct on the Site. In addition to internal research use, statistics from the data collected or a text summary thereof may be made public when necessary; however, no specific user data will be made public.

3. Data Protection

  • 本網站主機均設有防火牆、防毒系統等相關的各項資訊安全設備及必要的安全防護措施,加以保護網站及您的個人資料採用嚴格的保護措施,只由經過授權的人員才能接觸您的個人資料,相關處理人員皆簽有保密合約,如有違反保密義務者,將會受到相關的法律處分。
    Our website is equipped with firewalls and anti-virus related information security facilities, and we take the necessary precautionary measures against any leak of your personal information. Only the authorized staffs are allowed to access your personal information. All related staffs are required to conclude a confidentiality agreement. If there is a violation of such agreement, the person will be punished according to relevant laws.
  • 如因業務需要有必要委託其他單位提供服務時,本網站亦會嚴格要求其遵守保密義務,並且採取必要檢查程序以確定其將確實遵守。
    If service is required from any of our units to carry out business, we will strictly require employees to practice their confidentiality duty, and adopt necessary inspection procedures to ensure they fully comply with duty.

4. External Links

Pages in the Site may contain links to other websites. You may click these links to enter other websites. However, this Policy is not applicable to linked websites outside of this Website’s domain. Please refer to the privacy policy of the linked website.

5. Third-Party Data Sharing Policy


The Site will not provide, trade, lease, or sell your personal information to other persons, organizations, private corporations, or government agencies, except when required by law or contractual obligations.


Exceptions to the above item include but are not limited to cases where:

  • 經由您書面同意。
    You provide written permission to share your information.
  • 法律明文規定。
    Sharing is required by law.
  • 為免除您生命、身體、自由或財產上之危險。
    Sharing is necessary to prevent danger to your life, your body, your freedom, or your property.
  • 與公務機關或學術研究機構合作,基於公共利益為統計或學術研究而有必要,且資料經過提供者處理或蒐集著依其揭露方式無從識別特定之當事人。
    Sharing is required by government agencies or academic institutions for data analysis or academic research, and the information has been processed by the provider or collector to make the identification of specific parties impossible.
  • 當您在網站的行為,違反服務條款或可能損害或妨礙網站與其他使用者權益或導致任何人遭受損害時,經網站管理單位研析揭露您的個人資料是為了辨識、聯絡或採取法律行動所必要者。
    Sharing is necessary to determine your identity and to provide contact information or to take legal actions when you as a website visitor violate the terms of service, or are likely to jeopardize or damage the Site or result in damages to any person.
  • 有利於您的權益。
    Sharing is beneficial to your interests.
  • 本網站委託廠商協助蒐集、處理或利用您的個人資料時,將對委外廠商或個人善盡監督管理之責。
    When this Website entrusts outside parties with the task of collecting, processing, or using your personal information, we will supervise said parties responsibly as they complete their tasks.

6. Use of Cookies


To provide the best services, the Site will store and access our cookies on your computer. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you may adjust your browser’s privacy settings to reject them. However, this may cause difficulties for you to access some of the services provided by the Site.

7. Revisions to this Policy


This Policy will be revised as needed. Revisions will be posted on the website.