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Time-lapse record of the construction of T-global Technology's new headquarter

T-Global Technology has accumulated many years of service experience, and continued recognition from dealers and customers. So far, more than 100 million components have been converted, as shipments continue to rise, new headquarter will develop more R&D and manufacturing of different heat dissipation products. Three years ago, after numerous discussions and careful planning, 
T-Global has invested hundreds of millions TWD, built nearly 6,000 square meters, and built a building with one basement and eight floors above ground, totaling nine floors.



The exterior of the building uses blue and white, which represent T-Global as the base, with yellow and green lines with rhythmic dynamics, presenting the generational innovation and forward thinking, indicating that any challenge can be solved.


T-Global Technology adhered the core concepts of environmental protection, energy saving, and green energy. It is equipped with a large-scale recycling rainwater system and solar panel power storage system. Regardless of the structure, materials, space planning and other aspects, as well as training, leisure, and welfare activities, create a modern green building with multiple functions.