Staff Benefits

  • Employee Trust - Encourages staff to save, with an additional bonus and monthly bonus provided by the company.
  • Flexible working hours from 08:00 to 18:00
  • Interest-free loans for staff to cover financial needs in emergency situations
  • Parenting magazines - 10 parenting magazines are provided each month for staff to read
  • Welfare leave - up to 9 special leaves for blood donation, seeing movies and buying books, volunteering at sports events, etc.
  • Click the like button campaign - gift vouchers for staff who receive commendation
  • On-site doctor service - free health interview

Technical Cooperation

  • Technical cooperation with ITRI, NTU, NTHU and NTUST to develop specialist thermal engineering technology
  • Marketing Consultancy - Ongoing partnership with Geber Brand Consulting Ltd to build brand competitiveness
  • Research Project Grant - Thermal Engineering Research Project Grant for Universities

Honer certificates

  • ESG 2022 Golden Ship Award


  • Creative Painting Exhibition - Staff members put their creativity into the new slogan "Easy calm, Easy go!”
  • T-Global Singing Contest -  Members of a Corporation showed their remarkable talent for music
  • T-Global film festival - An opportunity to bring everyone together
  • T-Global Support Taiwanese fruit farmers
  • Hiking activities - Encourage staff to go outdoors and give them a gift voucher and a Xiaomi Band for participating in hiking activities
  • Heat Dissipation Engineering Science Academy - Learn heat dissipation engineering theory on Podcast and Youtube every two weeks
  • Spring Wine Party for great success

Public Benefit Sponsorship

  • Donated Global Views Monthly - Donated the monthly magazine to 51 classes of elementary school students in remote areas
  • Exercise & Donate - Stay healthy and do good; donate to charity based on the amount of exercise your staff did
  • Annual Donation - to more than 40 charities over 10 years
Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, Child Welfare League Foundation, Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation, United Way of Taiwan, Red Heart Association, Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation, Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, Sunshine Welfare Foundation, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Zhi-Shan Foundation, Yu-Cheng Social Welfare Foundation, Taiwan Foundation For Rare Disorders, Children Are Us Foundation, Chinese Childrenhome and Shelter Association, Maria Theresia Social Welfare Foundation, Holy Rosary Training Center for Special Needs, Ruth Society For Disability Services, Catholic Angel Center for the Development of the Disabled, Hung Hua Tung Hsin-Society of Taiwan, BOYO Social Welfare Foundation, Taoyuan Happy Home for the Mentally Handicapped, Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation, Yunlin County Xinyi Orphanage, World Vision Taiwan, Premature Baby Foundation of Taiwan.