In the revolutionary era of consumer electronic products, all mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gaming computers, wearable devices, smart electronic products, etc., are pursuing powerful performance, and are moving towards the development direction of light, thin, short and multifunctional use. The heat dissipation efficiency has become the dominant science today.
Good heat dissipation technology is the most important key to product performance. In order to reduce the size of the product, the space for heat dissipation is constantly being compressed. With the development of high-tech and nano-process technology, more innovative products have emerged. Processing huge data, and more transistors are inserted into the integrated circuit to process a large amount of data, the heat density is relatively higher, and better heat conduction and heat dissipation technologies are required to maintain the reliability and life of the product.
For thin and light laptops, the heat dissipation module of a general laptop uses about two heat pipes, while gaming laptops use up to seven, and the energy consumption may reach 100 to 200 watts. At this time, heat dissipation Modules have become a necessary solution. The heat dissipation function is taken into consideration from the mechanism design, and the diversified heat dissipation product chain can be integrated to smoothly solve the heat problem.


Gaming display GPU, Industrial computer, Solid state drive, Laptop, Gaming computer, Wafer equipment, Sputtering equipment, Semiconductor equipment

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