5G Implementation

After 9 years from the release of 4G network, we are ushered in the era of 5G technologies globally. In order to achieve huge 5G services, it is essential for the technological evolution of basic 4G construction. Consistent and reliable performance is required, and different deployment plans and optical fiber transmission technologies are used to meet 5G capacity and improve latency.

Smart manufacturing, connected cars, telemedicine, smart cities, immersive interactive entertainment, large-scale Internet of Things, high-definition mobile streaming, etc. are all promising industries applying 5G. With more than a decade of thermal engineering experiences and research knowledge in cooperation with academics. We will be the partner not only resolving your current cooling challenges, but also overcoming all future thermal-related difficulties.


Cell Site:

The long-term reliability is focused, so a product in softness and in a lower thermal resistance is recommended. The network relies on exchange processing technology to achieve 3G, 4G, and even the latest 5G. With the continuous increase in data traffic, the network exchange center base station must always maintain the smooth flow of data at all times. The products in high thermal conductivity is mainly selected considering the high watts, limited application space and reliability. There are solutions from low to high power, such as copper-made heat pipe, combined with thermal interface materials, cooling fins and fans as a package. Depending on the design of the mechanism, it can effectively solve the heat below 100W.

Fiber-optic Module:

The heat generated by the fiber- optic module is relatively large. In addition, the internal space of the product itself is limited, and reliability is required. Products with high thermal conductivity are mainly designed in.


T-Global Suggested Products: TG-A1660 Thermal Pad/Heat Pipe/Vapor Chamber/Thermal Module

  • TG-A1660 Thermal Pad
    TG-A1660 Thermal Pad
  • Heat Pipe
    Heat Pipe
  • Vapor Chamber
    Vapor Chamber

Mobile phone thermal solution

T68 graphite sheet - the popular item for communication products. Due to T68 graphite sheet 's  ultra high thermal conductivity and EMI(Electromagnetic Interference) shielding effect, it definitely is the best helper for heat dissipation in communication products.

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