Military Products/Medical Industry

Military Products

Military regulations and the medical industry supported by 5G, they will also be more extensive and innovative in technology applications in the future. For instance, virtual reality technology, which can construct a three-dimensional battlefield environment image, which is conducive to the military to conduct virtual exercises during combat. Also, become medical personnel during training process, in order to eliminating the cost of living experiments. In addition, artificial intelligence technology will also replace part of labor forces, and perform a large number of calculations through big data to improve military and medical accuracy.

Looking at the military and medical product specifications, all require precise, stable, and reliable products and solutions. It is expected that future technologies will bring a new revolution in the military and medical industries. T-Global Technology also continues to be at the forefront of the market and technology, and cooperates with major academic institution and research centers to research and develop the world's thinnest vapor chamber, which is expected to bring revolutionary innovation to the industry.

Medical Industry

Medical Display Monitor:

Such as abdominal ultrasound display screens, endoscope equipment screens, X-ray film display backlights, etc. These displays all require high brightness and high pixel functions. Therefore, they can apply thermal tapes, and Non-silicon thermal products which has high thermal conductivity and high reliability.

Medical Equipment:

High-precision equipment and testing equipment require stable performance and quality. It is recommended to use high thermal conductivity products to increase the testing efficiency and life of equipment.