Power Supply

The power supply is a traditional industry in the electronics industry which mainly applicable to products such as servers, televisions, computers, and Netcom. In the past, the price pressure of laptops and servers was high, and the gross profit was continuously compressed. However, industries such as electric vehicles and industrial automation are gradually rising up which make power supplies again important. Furthermore, many emerging industries such as 5G, AI, e-sports products are pursuing smaller and greater power supply components which is a challenge for the power supply's thermal dissipation solution.


Desktop computer power supply:

Thermal dissipation of the power supply is a key for extending the life of the computer. It is necessary to consider the case material, fan selection, and overall configuration. The thermal performance may difference nearly ten degrees depends on the layout of fan. Thermal simulation test can clear the thermal flow direction and accelerate your product development.

Industrial computer:

Industrial computer refers to personal computers designed for industrial use. In order to meet specific usage such as production line control, factory automation, infrastructure, medical treatment, and transportation, it may be necessary to overcome many harsh industrial environments or meet specifications such as dust-proof, water-proof, high stability and high reliability are all problems that industrial computer design may encounter. In this case, choosing materials with high performance according to requirements can effectively solve your thermal conduction and thermal dissipation problems.

Server room:

The thermal dissipation of the computer room requires comprehensive thermal flow planning. It should not be underestimated from macroscopic sight of entire space convection to microscopic sight of electronic thermal dissipation. T-global Technology has a professional thermal engineering team to work with you in order to improve the thermal dissipation of the server room.


T-Global Suggested Products:TG-A1250 Thermal Pad/Li2000A Thermal Tape/TG-V833 Phase Change Material/Ti900 Thermal Composite Material


  • TG-A1250 Thermal Pad
    TG-A1250 Thermal Pad
  • Li2000A Thermal Tape
    Li2000A Thermal Tape
  • TG-V833 Phase Change Material
    TG-V833 Phase Change Material
  • Thermal Composite Material
    Thermal Composite Material

Laptop Cooling Module Design

►How to effectively dissipate heat for the mechanism becomes an important issue for engineers as laptop is becoming thinner and lighter. Through the video,we can understand how thermal interface materials, heat pipe and fan are using the heat conduction, heat spread and heat dissipation to combine the passive and active heat, which become the most effective heat dissipation in laptops!

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