How to choose the correct thermal material?



Method of choose thermal pad: first select the thermal conductivity and
then select the hardness.

Thermal Conductivity Hardness Thermal Pad Product from T-Global
K=1.4~2.0 Shore 00 25~55 L37-5S, TG2030, L37-3, L37-3S
Shore A 15~25 L37-3L, L37-5
Shore 00 60~65 PC93
Shore A 75~90 GT15/GT20, L37-3F, H48-6S
K=2.1~3.0 Shore A 25~35 H48-2
Shore A 75~90 H48-2K
K=3.1~4.0 Shore 00 25~55 TG4040, TG4040LC
Shore 00 60~65 PC94
Shore A 25~35 H48-6
Shore A 75~90 GT30
K=6 Shore 00 60~65 TG6050
Shore A 25~35 H48-6G
K=12 Shore 00 60~65 TGX


Method of choose thermal tape: first select the thermal conductivity and then select no substrate and then select raw materials.

Thermal Conductivity

No Substrate or Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Thermal Tape Product from T-Global

K=<1 Fiberglass Acrylic PSA Li98, Liv2
K=1.1~1.5 Fiberglass Silicone PSA Li2000
K=1.6~2 Fiberglass Acrylic PSA Li-98C
Polyimide Acrylic PSA Li-98P
無基材 Acrylic PSA Li-98CN 
Silicone PSA Li-2000A 


Method of choose epoxy potting compound: select the thermal conductivity .

Thermal Conductivity

Potting Compound Product from T-Global

K=0.8 S720AB
K=2 S730
K=2.5 A96AB
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