More Applications

Plug-in Hard Drive Thermal Settings

TG4040F High Tensile Strength

TG4040F can be applied to the plug-in hard drive thermal settings. TG4040 is soft and high compression. The surface are attached a layer of glass, as TG4040F with high tensile strength, easy deformation and high resistance to voltage and other characteristics.

Hard disk to "thrust meter" plug test 100 check whether the displacement, damage, deformation.


Picture (1) the first plug assembly             ​Picture(2) 100 times plug assembly


After the test, there is no displacement, damage, deformation. →Determine qualified.

Diverse LED Applications

Lamp Application

• The daytime running lights of the car - It is recommended to use the high-Hokusho H48-6 series and GT series thermal pad.

• T20, T16 indicator light, warning light, according to the rear mirror attached lights, low power - recommended the use of high-Li98 series of thermal tape.

• LED transformer, if the temperature and power is not high about 50 to 60 degrees - It is recommended to use S720 AB thermal conductive adhesive.


"Light" design of the optical design, body design, circuit design, mold design and manufacturing and product manufacturing, when the light into heat, the need through different thermal interface materials and heat sinks will be effective heat conduction, and can Extend the product life of LED and reduce the problem of light failure, thereby enhancing product performance and maintain quality.


Main Products:

LED light bulbs, daylight lights, soft lights, indoor mirror, interior mirror with lights, lengthened endoscopy, light bar, side lights, according to the mirror with lights, fog lights, power supply, safety warning lights, rearview mirror with lights, Steering wheel holster, steering wheel grip, license plate screw, anti-touch bar, pole lights, trim, license plate lights, indoor lights, truck lights, aperture, tilting, EL line, wiper nozzle, reading lights, technology lights, Auxiliary mirror, laser lamp, tire lamp, PL lamp, spotlight, LCD clock, direction indicator, arrow light, brake light, spoiler light, ozone machine, transformer.

Surveillance System

Monitoring system is the guardian of the current home security. You can watch every area, from the earliest cable transmission of images, evolved into the current wireless network transmission, so that the image more far away. For example, it can store images of NVR, DVR (recommended use of high-L37-5 heat-conducting silicone film and H48-6C thermal silicone film) and can help people at the same time to see every corner of the safe high-quality indoor / outdoor Camera (recommended the use of high Parker TG6050 super-heat-conducting silicone film and H48-6G thermal conductivity silicone film and PC94 non-silicon thermal conductivity material), as well as at any time through the intelligent device to watch the IP Camera (recommended high CP value of the high value of L37-5 thermal silicone film ), Through a different application (medical, production, preservation), and then build a convenient, comfortable and safe living environment.

LED Lighting Products

In today's life, it seems impossible to imagine the day without light, and the light in a variety of forms presented in our daily life, such as: fluorescent tube in order to allow LED to continue the normal use, usually with us Of the thermal tape to heat, reduce the light to make the product can be more durable.

Another common bulb, because the size of the round, it is recommended to apply the thermal paste is more convenient, and thermal conductivity hot group low. The effect is always good. It is the current widely used materials.

In response to different light-type products to change, basically will add thermal materials to achieve good heat dissipation.